What you need to know about maternal phenylketonuria

Maternal phenylketonuria is a rare disease that can have serious consequences on the fetus, but which can easily be kept under control during pregnancy. There are diseases and conditions that seem unusual and unlikely, but can affect both the mother and the baby. One of these is maternal phenylketonuria. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about this rare disease. The phenobarbital is an amino acid and as such has the function of assisting the formation of proteins . When it is not absorbed by the body it accumulates in the blood and causes health problems. If maternal phenylketonuria, also called PKU, is controlled with the right treatments and a specific diet, it does not create problems. But without a check this can damage the development of the fetus.

Origin of maternal phenylketonuria

Phenylketonuria is hereditary. It is transmitted exclusively through the genes, from parents to children. Its form of transmission increases the chances of the child having problems. However, to transmit the PKU to the child, both parents must be affected or healthy carriers. In the event that only one of the parents has PKU, the child who is born will be a healthy carrier without having the disease. If, on the other hand, both parents have this disease, there is a 25% chance that the unborn child will also suffer from it. In the worst case, PKU syndrome can complicate pregnancy and risk abortion. You can check pregnancy test timing calculator

Problems during pregnancy

With the necessary controls, this condition does not affect the gestation and development of the fetus. The real complications come when parents are not aware of having this disease. Some of those who have the disease were born at a time when there was no neonatal screening for rare diseases. With this diagnosis it is necessary to follow a very strict diet to avoid compromising the child. In the worst case, PKU syndrome can complicate pregnancy and risk causing an abortion. For its part, however, the child may suffer from microscopically , mental retardation, alteration of the face and birth under weight. How is cardiomyopathy transmitted by a PKU mother prevented? If you have this disease or you are a healthy carrier, more than worrying about it is important to take care of it. The transmitted effects may be minimal or zero if adequate levels of phenobarbital in the blood can be achieved in the three months prior to conception . These levels should be maintained throughout the pregnancy. In these situations it is very important to scrupulously follow the diet that will be given to you by the doctor and present yourself to all the required checks . Adequate levels of phenobarbital are between 120 and 360 µmol/ L (2-6 mg / dl).

Most of the analyzes must make known the state of health and the possible genetic conditions of which one is a carrier. For this reason it is equally important that the father does the necessary checks. How is the diet to control maternal phenol ketonuria? It is important to start a diet that increases the proteins, minerals and vitamins present in the body of the future mother. The food or medicines to be taken depend on the diagnosis that is made by the doctor and by the state of the patient herself. Probably special drugs that do not contain phenobarbital will be prescribed, able to allow the fetus to receive everything it needs for its growth in the mother’s belly. During pregnancy it is essential to monitor weight gain and the goal must be to have the right level of protein. Increased protein intake may require supplementing with minerals if they are missing in the body.

Medical checks

For the rest it will be sufficient to present yourself to the various established controls. For women who will have a baby for the first time it is advised to take appropriate tests to check if you suffer from this genetic disease. Phenobarbital control and a specific diet are extremely important. Check monthly and check the amount of protein in the blood, weight gain and fetal ultrasound scans. There is no need to be afraid, just be careful. What are the most useful massages during pregnancy? Massages during pregnancy are aimed at improving various aspects of women’s health. Nowadays it is a common activity, for which precise schemes have been created for each situation. The most recommended massages in this phase are the following.

Massages during pregnancy for the back

Back pains are common in pregnancy and can be alleviated with a specific massage. The cause of these annoyances is to be found in changes in the musculature and the structure of the bones. Faced with this type of pain, it can be useful to perform therapeutic massages to give relief. Furthermore, during back massage sessions, professionals help you to prevent incorrect posture. The physiotherapist advises pregnant women on the most correct posture , both to alleviate back pains and to avoid them.

Mental health care in pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the moments in which the mother must feel calm and at ease. It is important for the pregnant woman to take care of her mental health in the same way she treats her physical health. Trying to have less stress and improve quality of life is essential during pregnancy. The woman needs the support of her partner, because emotional vulnerability plays an important role on the pregnant woman. With love and some attention you will be able to maintain an adequate state of mental health . Pregnant women are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression . These promote common mental problems during pregnancy, which lead to serious physical health problems. Besides affecting the mother, there may also be effects on the fetus. Frequent crying and negative thoughts in the pregnant woman are some of the clues to understand that she needs attention. Sometimes it is not just about having bad thoughts or being stressed, even enthusiasm and euphoria for the child can affect our mental health.


What are the mental health problems that can occur during pregnancy?

The data indicate that, for example, anxiety affects about 15 out of 100 pregnant women. In relation to this, stress is the most common in most pregnant women. This leads to a greater emotional difficulty, especially with regard to economic, work and sentimental concerns. To this we add nausea, back pain and other symptoms. Hormonal changes in pregnancy are very frequent, so sometimes you feel happy, happy, satisfied and safe. Other times, instead, you feel sad, depressed, anxious and insecure. Furthermore, in some women, the quality of sleep deteriorates considerably. In addition, there is the melancholy of which half of women suffer due to some sense of confusion or emotional instability. It has a greater intensity especially in the days after giving birth, but you need not worry because it tends to be of very short duration. It consists only of experiencing thoughts that you will sometimes have to solve or forget and with the help of your partner and your loved ones you can easily overcome. It must be emphasized that psychological well-being is very important for pregnancy to proceed well. For the mother, feeling safe, protected and above all important for the people she has near her can help her, it is very precious. It is advisable that he knows that he can count on you for anything, recommend it and encourage it. At this stage, it is useful that it can continue to perform its functions, and if you can help and accompany it it is much better. This will help ensure that you don’t think you are alone .

Love and patience are the secrets to promote mental health

In pregnant women, a high self-esteem is useful for the development of her child, because everything the mother feels will also feel the child. Therefore, it is advisable to encourage women to do things with commitment and optimism. Even eating well and exercising consistently with her condition can help her improve her idea of ​​herself.

Some advice

To maintain a good mental health it is recommended to:

Eat in a healthy and balanced way . Maintain an adequate diet. Depending on what your doctor advises, try to follow his recommendations to the letter. Improve the mood with something you enjoy doing . Tell your partner what you feel like doing. You can decide to do a different activity every week, like going for walks, going to the movies, listening to music or reading. Try to do some other activity that seems interesting to you, the important thing is to feel good. This will give you a better look that others will also notice. Exercise in a way that is compatible with your interesting state . It is important that you consult a specialist on this point. There are places where pregnant women can go and exercise even with the partner. There are relaxation sessions that will make you feel great. Sleep a regular way . Pregnant women must sleep when they want, this will not affect the baby in any way. For this reason, it is advisable that they rest as much as possible. In these cases, the man must have a lot of patience to deal with this situation with much love, affection and attention, which can make the embarrassment of his partner happy and peaceful.